Before signing a contract link

Investigate the property and its surroundings before signing a contract. For example:

  • What are the recorded boundaries of the property and its features, such as driveways, rights-of-way, easements and flood zones? Has the property been surveyed? How clearly and precisely are its boundaries defined by deed, plat and/or contract?

  • Has the property been subdivided and/or developed? If so, was that subdivision and/or development in accord with Federal, Maryland and local (i.e., county, city or town) requirements? Was the subdivision and/or development approved by the relevant governmental authorities? Does the subdivision limit development of the property?

  • Have any of the structures on the property, including, for example, buildings, piers and/or mechanical systems, been added, renovated or expanded? If so, was that work properly permitted and finally approved by the relevant governmental authorities?

  • Have any notices of zoning or building code violations pertaining to the property, its use and/or its structures been issued by governmental authorities? If so, were such notices resolved and final building or zoning certificates issued?

  • Are there zoning restrictions or critical area limitations regarding the use or occupancy of the property that might impact your intended use of the property as a residence, commercial enterprise, home business, farm or some other purpose?

  • You may wish to consult your local department of permits and inspections and other State of Maryland permit and licensing agencies as may be appropriate to your circumstances.