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estate, trust and fiduciary

If your business, you or a family member has a dispute pertaining to an estate, trust or fiduciary matter, we can help you develop solutions to achieve your goals and protect your interests.  Estate, trust and fiduciary disputes arise in a wide variety of contexts. Some of the more common types of disputes that we handle include the following:

  • General representation of interested persons, beneficiaries, heirs, claimants, personal representatives, trustees and other fiduciaries with respect to claims made by or against them

  • Petitions to caveat (i.e., will contests)

  • Petitions for construction of a will, trust, power of attorney or other instrument

  • Actions seeking disclosures of information and accountings

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty

  • Petitions for assumption of jurisdiction of an estate or trust

  • Claims against estates and trusts

  • Petitions for imposition of constructive trusts

  • Disputes pertaining to commissions and/or attorneys’ fees of personal representatives, trustees and other fiduciaries

  • Disputes pertaining to the establishment, enforcement and defense of rights and interests under a will, trust or other instrument

  • Disputes pertaining to the use or misuse of powers by a personal representative, trustee or other fiduciary

  • Petitions for guardianship of person or property

  • Disputes pertaining to persons who have taken advantage of a vulnerable person


Consider consulting Jacobs & Barney promptly after an injury before you take steps to resolve such disputes on your own. Lawyers can provide valuable services in the event of a real estate dispute that can help you avoid later problems.

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While we do not handle transactional aspects pertaining to the purchase or sale of real property (i.e., drafting contracts and deeds, issuing title insurance, conducting settlement, etc.), we frequently handle disputes that have arisen from such matters.  Where appropriate, we coordinate with the client’s transactional attorney. Additionally, we do not usually handle residential lease disputes. We would be pleased to provide a referral if your issue is not one that we would handle.