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When Should I Consult an Attorney after being injured?


If you are wondering whether you should consult an attorney after sustaining an injury caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another, consider the following services that an attorney can provide:

  • Identify possibilities for insurance coverage (i.e., automobile insurance, home owners insurance, umbrella polices, etc.)

  • Prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you while you are vulnerable and recovering from your injuries.

  • Assist with your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) (underline and link to Link 3) claim.

  • Investigate the facts, collect and preserve evidence and document events while they are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

  • Identify damages and future needs arising from injuries sustained in a collision so that your case can be fairly valued.

  • Assist in the negotiation and resolution of subrogation claims (underline with link to link 1) for health insurance liens and medical bills.

  • Negotiate a fair settlement or bring the case to trial or arbitration.



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