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If you are wondering whether you should consult an attorney after sustaining an injury caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another, consider the following services that an attorney can provide:  

  • Investigate and determine whether the circumstances of your case require the representation of an attorney.

  • Review and analyze all available documentation that you can provide about the cause and extent of your injuries (i.e., collision reports, citations, photographs, investigations, medical records, etc.) so that informed recommendations and decisions can be made.

  • Take immediate steps through court and/or administrative processes, as appropriate, to protect your rights and interests.

  • Prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you while you are vulnerable and recovering from your injuries. 

  • Assist with your Personal Injury Protection claim.

  • Investigate the facts, collect and preserve evidence and document events while they are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

  • Investigate the legal status of all involved business entities.  For instance, a person causing a collision may be driving a car owned and insured by another person or business.  Such persons or entities may, in some circumstances, be relevant to your claims.

  • Investigate and identify possible concerns regarding business and professional licenses and evaluate the impact of such licensing concerns on your claim.

  • Identify possibilities for insurance coverage (i.e., personal and commercial auto/truck/motorcycle insurance, workers compensation insurance, disability insurance, umbrella insurance, other forms of liability insurance, etc.)

  • Identify responsible parties and possible remedies, including, for example, resolution of insurance coverage disputes, provision of personal counsel services in cases in which insurance defense counsel has conflicts of interest as between the insured and the represented party and claims for damages.

  • Research and identify the applicable law.

  • Identify damages and future needs arising from injuries sustained in a collision so that your case can be fairly valued.

  • Assist in the negotiation and resolution of subrogation claims for health insurance liens and medical bills.  

  • Provide you with straightforward advice at the outset and throughout the course of a case about its strengths and weaknesses based on the information then known, so that you can make informed decisions to resolve some or all issues and/or to surgically target issues of particular concern

  • Resolve cases through negotiation if that is possible and/or pursue mediation if the parties have agreed to mediate, because litigation is the least efficient means of resolving disputes.  

  • Take cases to mediation if that is appropriate, inasmuch as mediation can be an effective tool to reach informal resolutions in cases, including those that may be particularly difficult to settle.

  • Prepare and pursue a case in court or in arbitration if it cannot be resolved informally.



Most motor vehicle insurance companies want to make a profit. Keep that in mind if you find yourself talking to a claims adjuster for the insurance company of the person causing your injury. That adjuster is not your advocate or concerned with protecting your best interests. But your lawyer will be on your side to help you through the process in order to obtain the best possible result.

A lawyer has years of training and expertise in the law.  Consulting a lawyer will help you analyze your options under the facts of your particular case to help you obtain the best possible result.


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